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Tellcharleys – You can help Charley’s Philly Steaks learn more about its customers by answering a poll at They treat their clients well and pay attention to what they say.

Take Charleys Philly Steaks Survey


Take Charleys Philly Steaks Survey

You can share your thoughts or make comments by taking the survey at if you’ve recently eaten at Charley’s Philly Steaks. The company just finished a poll to find out how pleased its clients are.

People who have eaten at Charley’s Philly Steaks can take the Tell Charley’s Survey at to give useful feedback about the food and service and get a great offer of a Validation Code to Redeem.

This article tells you everything you need to know about polls. Let’s get started right away, please.

Take Charleys Philly Steaks Survey

Rules and Regulations of the Tellcharleys Survey

  • The survey number on Charley’s restaurant bill is the first thing that can be used to start the poll.
  • I need some time to finish Charley’s poll.
  • You must know either English or Spanish to vote.
  • A real email address is another important thing you need to take the poll.
  • Very important: Charley’s Philly Steaks Restaurant must have given you a valid ticket.
  • You can’t go if you are younger than 18.
  • No matter what language you know, you must be able to fill out the poll.
  • You can only look at one candidate at a time.
  • From the date it was last used, your ticket is only good for one month.
  • The deal will stay the same and can’t be turned into cash, as you want.
  • You can’t give someone else your prize.
  • Try to send the report no more than three days after you got it.
  • A legal US citizen is the only one who can answer this question.
  • People who work for Charley’s Philly Steaks, their partners, agencies, and family members are not allowed to use this deal.

Take Charleys Philly Steaks Survey


Steps to Complete the Survey

Take Charleys Philly Steaks Survey

  1. Find the link at the start to go to the official Charley’s Survey page.
  2. Pick a tongue that feels good to you.
  3. Now it’s time to enter the right information from your receipts, like the date and time of your stay and the store code.
  4. Include the type of visit you had.
  5. Do the next thing by pressing the “Start” button.
  6. A simple multiple-choice test will be given to you about your most recent trip to the store.
  7. Answer those poll questions correctly by remembering what happened.
  8. Now it will go to the page about being happy in general. After that, tell the truth about how happy you are.
  9. You can also tell them what you really think is best for the business.
  10. Carefully place your personal details where they belong. Once more, don’t forget to include a working email address so the business can reach you. If you don’t do that, you won’t be able to get the entry code.
  11. When you’re done with the poll, write down the redemption number.
  12. After your next purchase, you’ll need that code to get the bonus.

Rewards for Taking part in the Survey

By answering this question, you have a chance to win. Print out this coupon to get a Charley’s Philly steak for free.

Take Charleys Philly Steaks Survey


Take Charleys Philly Steaks Survey

Purpose of the Tellcharleys Survey

Some businesses should ask their customers on a regular basis to learn more about them. The survey’s main purpose is to find out what people like and don’t like.

Background of the Tellcharleys Survey

The main office of the Charleys Philly Steaks group of Philly cheesesteak restaurants is in Columbus, Ohio.

The chain opened in 1986 on the Ohio State University campus. It used to be called Charley’s Grilled Subs and Charley’s Steakery.

Within 2017, there were 600 sites in 19 countries and 45 states. Chairman and CEO of Charley’s Philly Steaks, Charley Shin, had his first Philly Cheesesteak in 1985 while he was a student at The Ohio State University.

Charleys should have grown by two times its size by 2021. Shin, a young college student who was fired up to do well, knew he wanted other people to remember this sandwich experience.

Take Charleys Philly Steaks Survey


In 1986, Shin started his own business when he opened Charley’s Steakery, a 450-square-foot restaurant near the Ohio State University campus. He did this after trying different products and making his recipe better.

Take Charleys Philly Steaks Survey

Students quickly became fans of Charley’s Steakery, thanks to the help of his mom. They wanted the new Philly Cheesesteaks, stacked Connoisseur Fries, and regular lemonade.

Tellcharleys Survey On Social Media


I hope the piece wasn’t too hard for you to understand. It looks like my post will help you finish the survey. Notify me of any mistakes you find, and I will make sure they don’t happen again soon.

Have a great day and thank you.

Tellcharleys Survey FAQ

  • Question – Should you take the Tellcharleys Survey?

Answer – Since the fast food chain is doing the poll, you can be sure it is safe. For security reasons, you don’t need to share any bank or other cash details.

Only people who are on the source site can fill out the survey. Stay away from other sites that say they have the poll. Provide your bank information only if they ask for it.

  • Question – How long does it take to finish the poll?

Answer – Finishing the poll shouldn’t take more than 5–10 minutes, depending on how fast you type.

  • Question – How long do I have to use the TellCharleys Survey Validation Code?

Answer – As soon as you finish the poll, you’ll get a code that works for 30 days.

  • Question – A ticket lets us do how many surveys?

Answer – There is only one poll that you can do with each receipt.

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